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Content Management

Strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience. It ultimately aims to drive profitable customer action. Typical goals found in content marketing research, think out of the box and look at the goals of your “audiences”.

Project Analysis

When involved in the development of a project, you should not just think of yourself but also of the other entities immersed in the transaction. You have to make sure that the project will be completed in time and that you will not fall short when it comes to the budget allotted for the project. Just like when making a market analysis, you have to ensure that the project is beneficial for all stakeholders. Being able to properly plan these items can help you come up with a successful project output. One of the things that can help you achieve this is through project analysis. Using a project analysis can help you look into the current plan for the project as well as the ways on how these plans will be implemented. If you want to be well-prepared before actually starting the project, we suggest you to develop a project analysis.

Support & Service

A Marketing Support Service would typically include some or all of the the following elements:

• Marketing Planning and Strategy
• Marketing & Market Research
• Corporate Identity / Branding development
• Marketing collateral & infrastructure development / re-development
• Marketing Support Hub - design, development, build, operate
• Stationery & Marketing Collateral management - design, print, logistics
• Website portfolio design and development
• Advertising Campaign media planning / buying, creative, delivery & management
• Integrated CRM solution development / re-development
• Creative design (online & offline)
• Digital Marketing services
• Social Media services
• Photography & video services
• Event support
• Press & Public Relations service
• Real time Campaign and Service performance & ROI reporting

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